Northside Creative was asked to create the branding and provide design for all the print and online collateral for OUTSIDE an art exhibtion supported by Midsumma and Yarra City Council.

OUTSIDE (reasons for leaving your back door unlocked), presented a complex system of individual and collective storytelling using video, sculpture, photography, performance, installation and projection. Bringing together a variety of contemporary practitioners, OUTSIDE could be read through a myriad of lenses.

Inhabiting an unused space on Melbourne’s iconic Peel Street are the works of Andrew Atchison, Nadia Combe, Lauren Dunn, Arie Rain Glorie, Amy-Jo Jory, Kali Rose, Jonas Ropponen, Salote Tawale and Yandell Walton. Occupying spaces inside the building, and presenting contemporary arts practice outside the traditional white cube, OUTSIDE is a site specific show by Melbourne based emerging and established artists that hints at a variety of queer ideas.

Curated by Amy-Jo Jory, Yandell Walton and Lauren Dunn.

Date: Jan 2013 Client: Outside Skills: Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design Website: outsideprojects.tumblr.com