Northside Creative is about design with difference.

We believe good design and communication effects change. In fact, we think it effects everything.

We know there is always more than one way to do something, and we are about making strong design and communication campaigns for a wide variety of businesses and organisations. We are focused on producing innovative and creative work that communicates each specific client’s products and services.

Drawing ideas from everyday life – from art, overseas travels, Melbourne streets, and the sunburnt Australian landscape, we promote conceptual thinking and experimentation. We also know how to develop these ideas into striking branding outcomes, marketing collateral, and digital applications.

Since our inception in 2009 Northside Creative has continued to grow alongside our valued portfolio of clients. Whether working for large established organisations such as a national film festival or with Local Government, or with boutique fashion labels, individuals, or emerging businesses, our ethos remains the same – to solve design problems in a way that benefits our clients the most.

Opting for design and communication solutions that go beyond a standard response, we believe the work speaks for itself.